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April 6, 2017  

E68: Principles of Training | April Fools 50K | Race Golden Rule

April 6, 2017

A lot of discussion in the group this week about time management for those member working 12+ hour shifts ( we seem to have a lot of doctors/nurses/first responders in the group). John and Randy talk a little about that subject as well as get into the Principles of Training (used liberally from Joe Friel's writings).

Workout of the Week is a swimming session from Randy. And good luck to those that give it a shot:

  • 400 Warm Up as 100 paddles and buoy, 200 swim with fists, 100 easy
  • 100 Hard - 30 sec rest 200 Hard - 30 sec rest 300 @ IM pace - 30 sec rest
  • 300 Hard - 30 sec rest 200 @ IM Pace - 30 sec rest 100 @ IM pace - 30 sec rest
  • 100 Hard - 30 sec 200 Hard - 30 sec 300 @ IM pace 200 Hard - 30 sec rest 100 Hard - 30 sec rest
  • 200 Cool down as 200 easy 

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