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March 26, 2017  

E66: Chris Valenti | Andrew Weaver | Back of Pack Endurance

March 26, 2017

Since John and Randy could not get their schedules in synch this week (John's fault this time) we dug deep into the archives of IM YEAR ONE/BACK OF PACK ENDURANCE and found a great episode with Chris Valenti that still seems relevant today. The Fat Slow Triathlete and Endurance for Everyone tribe is still relatively new, so hopefully this will not only be interesting to you all, but also shows how far we have come in this podcasting thing (especially John).

The music this week is some serious 80's hair metal with Kix singing "Cold Blood" moving up a couple of decades for P!nk and her "Trouble"

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Special Thanks to Anna Vocino for re-recording the introduction originally used at Back of Pack Endurance, once again with NO CHARGE.

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