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November 16, 2017  



Better late than never.

Recorded a little later this week than we normally do, and probably contributed to the discussion about music and recapturing the past that starts out the show. But never fear, we get back in line talking about getting sick due to training and ways to avoid it, and then end up talking about using spin classes as replacements for cycling workouts and what to do, and not to do, in order to get the most out of it.

July 6, 2017  

E78: Cycling 101 | Choices | Cost | Fits | Rules of the Road


Yes, it is true! The whole episode this week is on cycling. We have been getting requests to go to square one on some of the disciplines we cover on this show (swimming, cycling, running, trail running, etc.) so this week we will be talking about cycling and how, as a beginner, you navigate the oftentimes confusing world of something as simple as riding a bike. 

Topics will be:

  1. Choosing the right bike type
  2. Calculating how much to spend
  3. The bike fit
  4. Gears, Suspensions, Handlebars, and Brakes
  5. Taking the Test Ride
  6. Steps for Beginners on the Road or Trail

We are hoping that this is a useful show for everyone, even those that have been cycling quite awhile. We can't wait for the cards and letters from the few that might disagree with some points or views we have, but that's how we learn right!?