E59: Decoupling | CICO and NSNG | The Pledge to Take Back Our Sport

January 18, 2017

Two questions were posed this week to the guys. The first concerned the metric called "decoupling" in TrainingPeaks (along with the "Efficiency Factor") and how it is used in training. As with most questions, this resulted in John and Randy scurrying to learn all they could about the why's and how-to's around this, and they make an attempt at explaining it during this show. The second was more of a statement that actually took John aback a bit. It questioned why John did not challenge Randy more on the Calorie In-Calorie Out stance he takes, knowing that it doesn't work the same way for him. They also tacklt this one in the way only they can.

To close, PearlIzumi posted a pledge today in social media, asserting that we "take back our sport". John has spoken recently about how the trail runnning pack reminded him of what the triathlete pack was like when he started, and how some instances have made him feel ... unwelcome. This Pledge has the goal of reclaiming the sport (and it really pertains to ALL sports) away from the people who have taken in over; a reclaiming of what it was when you started. They share the pledge with you during the show, and both of them believe in its meaning 100%.

Please keep the testimonials coming in (send to john@fatslowtriathlete.com) for inclusion on the website (www.fatslowtriathlete.com). The show is trying to grow, and these help that a great deal! 

This week's music is "Cut the Cord" by Shinedown and "All Night Long" by Buckcherry

E58: The Tabitha Hill Request Hour | Croom Zoom | Importance of Recovery

January 11, 2017

John returns from his first journey into the trail running world with tales of amazement ... this is a MUST listen (or you can read about it in the blog HERE). Then Super Fan Tabitha Hill took the time to send us a list of questions on recovery, choosing a race, and what to eat after a race that they guys are more than willing to give their opinions on. Technical difficulties aside (near the end) it is a great episode for the whole family.

And let us know what you think about the new OUTTRO (yes, that means you have to listen all the way through!)

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Let's GET HARD with Distrubed's "The Vengeful One" and Steel Dragon's "We All Die Young"



E57: Weight Loss | Set Points | Dealing with the Haters

January 4, 2017

It's a new year and like most new years the focus is on getting healthier, both in body and in spirit. 2017 will hold changes for us all, so the guys at Fat Slow Triathlete are here to help you get through the hard parts, suffering along with you at times, and cheering you on with every forward step you make. Join the Endurance for Everyone group on Facebook, and/or the Fat Slow Triathlete podcast page, and make sure to read the Fat Slow Triathlete blog to get the support you need.

No Haters Allowed

This week we give you some Beastie Boys with "Sabotage" and end with some old school BTO and "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet".

Because you haven't ...