E56: Goodbye 2016 | Weight Loss | Goal Setting

December 27, 2016

John and Randy say goodbye to 2016 (and to Carrie and George) and welcome the challenges of the New Year head on.

George Michael's "Freedom" leads the show off and right into discussions about John's Trail Running, Goal Setting, Randy's recommitment to training, and holding each other, and you, accountable.

See you in 2017!! Let's Make it a Banner Year!!!!

E55: Trail Running Thoughts | Best Weight Routines | Free Marathon

December 21, 2016

John's trail running adventure has begun and he is finding comfort and solace in the great outdoors. 

Is there even such a thing as "too much data"?

Best Weight Training for (hint: it's all the same): 

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Overall (if you could ony do ONE exercise, what would it be?)

Millinocket Half and Full Marathon; December 6, 2017 in Millinocket, ME. Entry is FREE with the understanding that you stay in the town and boost the local economy. Looking to put a FST contingent smack dab in the middle of this thing. If we get enough listeners, readers, etc. we can look into designing and providing Hoodies for the run with logo to annouce the precense. 

Some pointed music this week with Royal Blood's "Figure It Out" and The White Stripes with "Cause and Effect"

E54: Visualization | Garmin Chronos | Smart Trainers

December 13, 2016

Getting ready for the holidays and the guys are a bit all over the place this week, but still some good information on whether or not to buy a Garmin Chronos if you have the Fenix, the capabilities of a smart trainer like Kickr or TACX, and most importantly, how the Walking Dead turned out.

Music? Yeah we got some music! Solsbury Hill and The Middle ... just because John likes those songs.

E53: Christmas Reading List | Domino Foods | The Road to No

December 7, 2016

Christmas is coming (Santa!!!) and after john regales you with his tale from a Twilight 5K and following Therapy, the guys go through some of their picks for "must reads" during the holdiay season. If you have more to add, please let them know. They are very open minded. John also talks some about Domino Foods and the movie "Race" currently on HBO.

The books discussed:

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington, Triathlon 2.0 by Jim Vance, Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield, Run Walk Method by Jeff Galloway, Run Less Run Faster by Runners World, 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald, and Endurance Sports Nutrition by Suzanne Eberle

In this week's music .... "Rev it Up and Go Go" by Jesse James Dupree and Dixie, Inc .... just for the KISS reference, and "Joes Garage" by Frank Zappa.



December 2, 2016

Happy Anniversary!! The Fat Slow Triathlete Show is now 1 year old and we are still going strong. This week we talk about John making it through the Space Coast Half Marathon after visiting both a sports medicine doctor and a physical therapist. It wasn't pretty but he finished the race, and 2:00 faster than last year, so we call that in FST World a "win".

Some discussion about losing weight and why it is easier to do it if training less than you would for a race. 

John is also reading a book that may be of interest to you athletes trying to find the mental strength to get through these events (The Tao of Running by Gary Dudney) and he watched two great, and scary, documentaries on the Barkley Marathon and Patriots Day, about the Boston Marathon bombing.

This week's music is "Easy Street" by the Collapsable Hearts Band (TWD fans will know it well) and "Rock and Roll" by who else??