E47: Diet Myths Revisited | Dental Chair Horror

October 26, 2016

Life lessons and exploring some diet myths courtesy of Runners World and SweatRx .... these are always fun and worthy of discussion, especially since John and Randy don't always agree. 

This week's music is relevant for both the discussion of dentists, diets, and Halloween. Alice Cooper's "Unfinished Sweet" from 1974, and White Lion's "When the Children Cry" so Randy can relive his slow dancing days in 1987.

E46: Why The Name Fat Slow Triathlete | Pathetic Triathlete Group | My Toe!!

October 19, 2016
John and Randy hot the airwaves once again to talk about the origin of the Fat Slow Triathlete name and why it does not mean what you might think it means, the Pathetic Triathletes Facebook group's issue with fat shaming and the DNF vs. Finisher discussion, dealing with the jerks of the sport, a paleo recipe, and the forthcoming loss of a big toe nail.

Music this week are a couple of hidden gems by Meatloaf ... "Do It" from the LP "Couldn't Have Said it Better", and "Alive" from "Bat Out Of Hell III : The Monster is Loose"

E45: Ironman Louisville Race Report | Recovery | The Future

October 12, 2016
After Randy's efforts in last weekend's Ironman Louisville it's no wonder that this episode will be mostly on that race, what happened before, during, and after, and how Randy is facing recovery. Then, of course, we get into the future ... what lies ahead for both John and Randy with 2016 coming to a close and 2017 three months away. Are there more Ironman races in Randy's future? How about for John ... is a 140.6 still a goal or is he content with sprints, duathlons, and an occasional 70.3?  

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This week's music is from the Steve Miller Band with "Take the Money and Run", and "Underdog" from Imagine Dragons ... 

E44: Race Nerves | Irksome Things | Coaching

October 5, 2016
Randy is facing Ironman Louisville in three days and the nerves are hitting, so everyone send him good vibes and go to Ironman.com and track/cheer him on. John starts talking about his recent post on FatSlowTriathlete.com and gets into the things that irk him ... plus a bit about his troubles fundraising for Team in Training. Also discussed is the time spent coaching vs. what we charge, and how good of a deal it really is.

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This weeks music if from the mater ... Alice Cooper ... both from his album "Brutal Planet". First up is "Sanctuary" and ends with "Eat Some More"