E43: What Is and Isn’t Important to a Coach | X50 Report | IM Chatt and the Heat

September 29, 2016

John and Randy are back after a week hiatus. Talk started with Randy's recent race (X50) and progressed to racing in the heat (IM Chattanooga) and What are the important thing a coach looks for in TrainingPeaks (and what Isn't important to us). 

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Today's music brought to you from The Who's album "By Numbers", starting with Pete Townshend's "Red Blue and Grey" and ending with John Entwhistle's "Success Story".

E42 - Coaching Session | Meghan Fanning | Jennifer Cultrera

September 21, 2016
Both John and Randy were unable to record a new show this week, so instead we dug up one from the FST Experiment on Back of Pack Endurance while Andrew Weaver was doing his stage show. This was John talking with Jennifer and Meghan during an actual coaching session, which we though would make an interesting conversation. Hopefully it holds up.

This Week's Music is 80's themed - "1985" by Bowling for Soup, and a new song from an 80's icon, "Man Enough" from Def Leppard

E41: Meghan Fanning | Accident Recovery | Depression

September 14, 2016
This has to be one of our favorite shows to date. John's (and Jennifer's) coach, Ms. Meghan Collins Fanning of Zendurance Now (zenduranceNow.com) joins us to talk about her journey into coaching from being a lobbyist, and her recent accident and how she has dealt with the depression, healing, and how she is working her way back into racing. Seriously everyone, this is the episode to listen to. You can contact Meghan through her website, or directly at ZenduranceNow@gmail.com

This week's music is for Meghan:
"I Walk the Line" and "God's Gonna Strike You Down" by the great ... Mr. Johnny Cash

E40 - Training for Weight Loss | Stress | EPOC |

September 8, 2016
John and Randy, and a listener here and there, are gaining weight while training. The discussion tonight revolves around why that happens, what can be the cause, and how to reverse the trend. An exploration of the question about whether being overweight and active is better than being thin and inactive, and dealing with stress and the tendency to over eat.

Tonight's music is brought to you by:

The Beastie Boy with "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" because it still ROCKS and Hanson with "MMMBop" because John thought it was a funny thing to put in there.