Episode 34 - Training and Thyroid Issues with Dr. Jennifer Cultrera

July 27, 2016

Dr. Jennifer Cultrera of Florida Cancer Specialists joins us this week to talk about thyroid issues and metabolic efficiency, especially surrounding the training and racing issues John has been having as a cancer survivor. Lots of sciency stuff this week, which always makes Randy happy. We also follow up on some questions about carb loading and deciding what bike is best to use in a race.

This Week's Music:

"Gonna Take Some Time" by LEN

"Steal My Sunshine" by LEN

Episode 33 - Endurance Hydration: You May Have a Drinking Problem

July 20, 2016

Time for everyone's favorite subject this week. No not NUTRITION, but it is a part of it. We are going to discuss Hydration, what it means to really hydrate for a race both before, during, and after, as well as some tips on getting the water you need into your system to perform best on race day and in training.

We also touch on a question from client and friend Pete Flagg about bike computers and radar.

Plus a few football stories, because it's our show and we can ... :-)

This week's music is ... 

"Have a Drink on Me" by ACDC

"For The Love of Money" by Bulletboys

Episode 32 - Let’s Talk about Running

July 12, 2016

Of all the things we get questions about, there are two areas that are at the top; Nutrition and Running. Since we have talked a bit about nutrition recently, and will continue to do so, this episode we are going to talk about running, how to get faster, and what to do when the aches and pains hit (especially to us big guys).

Both John and Randy had events this past weekend, so there will be discussion about Randy's ride and John's duathlon (and a short rant about the start of the races).

Books Mentioned:

"80/20 Running" by Matt Fitzgerald

"Runners World Run Less Run Faster" by Bill Pierce and Scott Murr


This week's music:

"Don't Want Her to Stay" by Hot Action Cop

"Bangers, Beans, and Mash" by Infant Sorrow


Episode 31 - Metabolic Testing | Triathlon on the Cheap

July 7, 2016

The guys are following up on the metabolic testing Randy conducted mentioned on Episode 30 with some hard results. Then, as promised, a discussion starts around the cost of triathlon and how to get through races and training spending less money.

Featured Music:

"Devil's Haircut" by Beck

"Non-Stop to Nowhere" by Faster Pussycat


Episode 30 - Deciphering TrainingPeaks | Randy Gets Tested

July 6, 2016

After numerous questions regarding the measurements in TrainingPeaks the guys try to help you (and themselves) decipher what the numbers mean and how to best use them. After that Randy tells us about his try to get his metabolic efficiency tested and how it came out.

This week's music - It-s 80's RETRO time!!!

"Bang Bang" by Danger Danger

"Don't Treat Me Bad" by FireHouse