Episode 29 - Buffalo Springs Report | Metabolic Efficiency | UCAN Follow-Up

June 30, 2016

Randy brings is his race report from the last minute decision to race a 70.3 and his first time use of UCAN. Discussion of Metabolic Efficiency and getting tested, with a shout out to the Tri Shop in Plano, Texas and Triple Threat Tough.

The music this week is Elvis Presley in honor of the passing of Scotty Moore yesterday at the age of 84. Scotty was the guitarist on Elvis' early recordings and his first manager. 

"That's Alright"

"Blue Suede Shoes"

Episode 28 - Health Zealots and Sacred Cows

June 20, 2016

We all know them. The people on social media who are so adhered to an ideology that anyone questioning it is seen as a threat and attacked. Vegans attacks Paleo. Paleo attack Vegans. Podcasts appear to combat a whole line of thought (Evil Sugar Radio). Both John and Randy have dealt with this both in the past and recently. This episode discusses what drives that reaction, the issue of the "sacred cow", and best ways of dealing with it when confronted with it personally.

We also offer our coaching services for $50 a month ... 

End Music:

"Let Me Help You Find the Door" by Blackberry Smoke


Episode 27 - A Chat with Generation UCAN

June 17, 2016

Well, Randy went and done it, and the folks from Generation UCAN got in touch with us to discuss his issues and the science behind their product. LOADS of good information await, even if John could not be present for this one (damn "real life" got in the way).

They were also gracious enough to setup the code FATSLOWTRI for 15% off at generationucan.com/store, or go straight to store.generationucan.com/fatslowtri to have the code autopopulate at checkout.

Episode 26 - Tahoe Recap | Hot & Humid Racing | Lubbock

June 13, 2016

After a week off riding (John) and vacationing (Randy) the guys are back with a summary of Tahoe, Randy's (idiotic) decision to enter a 70.3 in two weeks and his projected time, the effects of heat and humidity on race performance, and revisiting the racing wheels discussion.

Episode 25 - Last Second Racing | Becoming a Drug Dealer

June 1, 2016

John is about to leave for the Tahoe Century Ride and is having anxiety issues, which Randy attempts to quell. Travelling is not a comfort zone for John it seems.

Dave Baldwin talks John into a race the weekend after the Century, a sprint Triathlon in Dunedin, Florida, which is the day after a sprint Triathlon in Crystal River, FL. Without his trusty road bike Buzz (still making it's way back from Tahoe), John has to go back to his TT bike (Gunner), which he has not ridden in almost a year.

What could happen??

Randy continues his decent into mad scientism (is that a word?) by not only continuing his work on the FST Fuel drink, but now looking into electrolyte pills.

What could happen???

Ending Music:

"Work to Do" by America