Episode 24 - Sports Drink | Weight Loss | Lake Tahoe

May 25, 2016

We received listener questions on weight loss from Carolyn Miller, and have a few opinions on the bottom dwellers calling themselves triathletes who disparage racers that have shortened events. But the most important thing is Randy's homemade fuel!

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This Week's Music:

"Charisma" by KISS (Gene Simmons)

"Dirty Livin'" by KISS (Peter Criss)

Episode 23 - Caffeine | Red Bull | Gear Ratio

May 17, 2016

More important information this week from the brilliant minds at Fat Slow Triathlete. Listener Carolyn Miller asks about the use of Red Bull and Caffeine, and we are more than happy to help her out. Additionally, Super Fan Meaghan Nana-Sinkam sent us some articles just as John was answering the same questions at his job, basically how can a marathon runner have heart issues and does being thin equal being healthy (hint: it doesn't).

This week's Music:

"Pencil Thin Mustache" by Jimmy Buffett

The Weekly Burn with Dave Baldwin (#1)

May 12, 2016

In a new segment that will appear throughout the training cycle, Dave Baldwin joins John to discuss his training while working toward Ironman Augusta 70.3. In the coming weeks, months, years, John and Randy will bring on the athletes they coach to discuss their training plans, issues, successes, and challenges.

But not before John shares his bike fit story from earlier today and why you need to be careful about the shops and people working on your bikes.

This week's music:

Theme Music: "The Sinner is You" by Volbeat

Ending Song: "Jelly Roll" by Blue Murder

Episode 22 - Geeking Out on Nutrition Science

May 5, 2016

After almost an hour of banter and music discussions, John and Randy get into the weeds on nutrition while racing, discussing UCAN, Gatorade, the myth of carb loading, cognitive dissonance, and making your own sports drink.


This week's music:

"Life on Mars?" by David Bowie

"Sweet Talkin' Woman" by ELO