Episode 21 - Cycling Gear | Wheels | Goats

April 27, 2016

We get into the weeds this week about some cycling gear and training, especially wheels, with Randy making the argument for less expensive brands available. 

What are best exercises for improving your cycling? And are they even worth it in the long run?

Prince ... we had to talk about Prince ...

Goats ... we had to talk about Goats .... 

This weeks music:

"Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers

"Hammer to Fall" by Queen


Episode 20 - Racing Weight | Heart Rate Training | Slow Twitch Muscles

April 18, 2016

Loads of information in the show this week, from getting heart rate under control during training, to using Racing Weight calculator by Matt Fitzgerald (www.racingweight.com). John and Randy also deep dive into muscle fibers and the folly of trying to beat genetics.

Oh, and some Walking Dead spoilers at the end ...

This weeks music:

"Insane" by Ace Frehley

"Faster Than the Speed of Night" by Bonnie Tyler

Episode 19 - Swimming | Fear | Heart Attacks

April 13, 2016

John and Randy get into some deep discussions about swimming after a couple of comments from a listener up in Canada facing her first open water swim. The talk turns to what fear is, overcoming what scares you, a few race stories, how to escape an alligator attack (or a potential one), and a Top Ten list for preparing to SwimSmart courtesy of Ironman.

Songs this week:

"Drown" by Theory of a Deadman

"A Dip in the Ocean" by Fountains of Wayne

Episode 18 - Incentives | Goal Setting | Triathlon Program Essentials

April 5, 2016

This week John and Randy discuss Goal Setting and how that can both help and hurt you in training, racing, and in work, and then discuss Incentives and how both negative and positive rewards work.

Randy put together his Top 7 Triathlon Training Program Essentials. Great tips here!

  1. Progressive and Periodization
  2. Unloading Weeks
  3. Progress should be measured (Time Trials)
  4. Specific to the Race entered
  5. Should Build Confidence
  6. Should be FUN
  7. Should fit INTO your life, not take it over

Songs this week:

"Amy's Friend" by Bombadil

"Take Me To Church" by Hozier