Episode 16: Reshaping Training Plans | Yoga | Paradigm Shifts

February 24, 2016

In this week's show John and Randy talk about the Ironman University curriculum and how it can be changed to meet the needs of the heavier athlete, the effect of Yoga on training results, and the paradigm shift in the nutrition debate over the last few years away from Calorie In Calorie Out (much the chagrin of old school nutritionists everywhere). We also get a special visit during the show, but that's a surprise.

Episode 15: Randy Messman | Coaching Philosophy | Mental Training

February 15, 2016

Randy is back for a discussion about coaching philosophy, developing a personal one, and handling the mental challenges of racing and when life makes plans change. Some great in depth discussion about handling burnout as well as some deep conversations about the best workout songs, movies to watch on the trainer, and as always, a few Sea Stories