E67: Bandits vs Cutters | Garmin 935 | In Race Fueling

March 30, 2017


John and Randy talk about race bandits and race cutters, the Garmin 935 and its relation to TrainingPeaks, some inside discussion about fueling during long events, and John's recent foot injury and finally finding treatment that seems to be working.

The Workout of the Week is brought to you by Brent Larimer.

Warm Up 15:00

5x 1:00 EZ / 1:00 HARD / 2:00 EZ / 2:00 HARD

Cool Down 10:00

3 weeks out from event change the intervals to :30 / 1 / 1 / 1


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E51: TrainingPeaks Enhancements | Garmin Watches | Sports Medicine

November 23, 2016

Both John and Randy want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners. As they approach a full year of shows, the support received from both people they know and from any they don't has been both eye opening and humbing. It is the goal of Fat Slow Triathlete to help people get started, get better, and acheive those BHAG's. The people behind FST hope that it has been successful.

This week, they explore once more the new enhancements to TrainingPeaks (workout builder), then answer a listener question about the real differences between these different Garmin watches, especially the 725XT, the 920XT, and the Fenix 3. John also gave in to his coach and training partner and sought help from a sports medicine doctor. He talks a bit about how that went and his impressions of it overall.

This week's music is from Adam Sandler ... of course ... in honor of Thanksgiving. "The Lonesome Kicker" for the football games we all enjoy SO much, and "Turkey Song" because, well, duh.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

E50: Keeping Focus During the Off-season | Croom Zoom | Tri Sport

November 16, 2016

At the half century mark John and Randy discuss keeping focus and motivation up during the normal off-season doldrums we all go through. 13 great points to ponder.

Music from Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet include "Gimmee" and "It's the Little Things"

E48: Training Using TSS | Training Plans and Coaching | Time Limits |

November 1, 2016

Episode 48 find John and Randy discussing the new feature in TrainingPeaks to use TSS and CTL for training plans and events. Their clients will probably be seeing this in the near future. Discussions also went to our feeling on time limits, what coaching really is, more dental frustrations, and some Walking Dead talk.

In honor of Halloween, this week's music is from Rob Zombie ("Thunder Kiss '65") and Warren Zevon ("Werewolves of London")



E43: What Is and Isn’t Important to a Coach | X50 Report | IM Chatt and the Heat

September 29, 2016

John and Randy are back after a week hiatus. Talk started with Randy's recent race (X50) and progressed to racing in the heat (IM Chattanooga) and What are the important thing a coach looks for in TrainingPeaks (and what Isn't important to us). 

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Today's music brought to you from The Who's album "By Numbers", starting with Pete Townshend's "Red Blue and Grey" and ending with John Entwhistle's "Success Story".

E40 - Training for Weight Loss | Stress | EPOC |

September 8, 2016
John and Randy, and a listener here and there, are gaining weight while training. The discussion tonight revolves around why that happens, what can be the cause, and how to reverse the trend. An exploration of the question about whether being overweight and active is better than being thin and inactive, and dealing with stress and the tendency to over eat.

Tonight's music is brought to you by:

The Beastie Boy with "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" because it still ROCKS and Hanson with "MMMBop" because John thought it was a funny thing to put in there.


E39 - Hotter Than Hell | New Clients | TrainingPeaks New Features

August 31, 2016
Looking back at Randy's first Century Ride this week at the Hotter Than Hell 100, plus some talk about the new features in TrainingPeaks and how they will help with TSS based training.
This week's music comes to you via John's favorite band. "Hotter Than Hell" from KISS Alive! and then "Great Expectations" to close the show from KISS and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

E38 - Chronic Training Load Scores | Training | Di2 Builds | Live Bands

August 24, 2016
Still diving into the TrainingPeaks numbers and how to use them in training. This week we look at Chronic Training Load (CTL), how it is calculated, and how to use them when setting up a training plan. Rob Bozovich sent us an interesting email concerning Di2 builds and how to save some money on them, which Randy is always happy to look into, and then we talk about a list of the top ten current live bands, just for something different.

This week's music comes to us from the parrothead himself, Mr. Jimmy Buffett, with "Breathe In Breathe Out Move On" (a lesson we could all use), and a little rocker from the master Joan Jett with her cover of Springsteen's "Light of Day"/

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